The Butler Roof Difference
By Wendy Feb 05, 2018

The Butler Roof Difference

We will not compromise your roof system with unguided field measuring alone. 

Some people still believe in the tape measure and chalk line method of installations is the only means of  construction.

NOT BUTLER; Field measuring with ordinary tools cannot insure that your roof system will fit up well, go down straight, align properly or perform over the long term.  However, some products are still installed that way.  This is a picture of some of our competitors roofs.

With Butler Manufacturing, we eliminate the need for guesswork and field measuring with factory pre-punched structural purlins and pre-punched roof panels.

BUTLER; Butler Manufacturing pre-punches all their secondary structurals and standing seam panels at the factory to assure your Butler Roof System will be on square, line up straight, and live up to it’s well deserved reputation of proven long-term performance.  We are so confident in our roof system we provide a 25 year warranty on the roof system.


  VIDEO…MR-24 standing machine seamed roof system watch here!








To read more about the Butler Difference click the link  Butler Manufacturing



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