Custom engineered systems

Partnering with Butler Manufacturing™ since the 1960s, our team merges steel building construction expertise with industry-leading metal building systems and components.

We leverage that expertise to build a remarkably high-quality, tailored building or facility that perfectly suits your business.

We encourage you to take a closer look and discover the benefits of a completely custom engineered metal building system by Butler Manufacturing. 

Design/build general contractor

We specialize in design/build construction and also offer construction management and general contracting services. As a full-service steel construction company the design/build method begins with defining your goals during pre-planning —  lead by Lichtefeld’s experienced team. 

Our services continue with financing, planning and design, project management and estimating, soil investigations, site development, and site construction.  After that building construction commences and we’ll complete the final acquisition of the certificate of occupancy. Commercial, industrial, and institutional building programs see quicker project progress, lower costs, and better outcomes using the design/build method. Read more about the process here.


Innovative alternative methods

If your construction project does not fit within the pre-engineered realm, our design/build team will employ more conventional methods of construction. Wood-framed or  site-built steel building construction are well within our scope.  

As our Mission Statement reflects we’ll investigate the construction method that best suits your needs and budget. In many cases, we have designed the project under conventional steel methods and even wood-framed conventional methods only to find a pre-engineered metal building more economical after cost comparisons. Because we’re developers as well as contractors, we build your building as if it were our own project from start through final certificate of occupancy.


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