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Lichtefeld Properties, LLC is your contact to lease a commercial warehouse, office, industrial building, or retail building in Louisville, Kentucky and surrounding areas. With the contact form below, you can review some of our available properties. You can also set up an appointment to walk through some spaces or request some guidance in what properties are available that can meet your business needs. 

We’ve assisted business owners for decades in building or finding ideal locations. Our experienced property managers know how to find the perfect property for your next commercial, industrial, or retail lease. Considering some of your needs ahead of time will help you in your consultation. 

Lichtefeld Office Center

Suite 100 High Tech Office Building 1 Dock 1 Dock Door Layout consists of lobby/reception area, several private offices, several multi-share offices, break room, and

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Things To Consider

Before your appointment with us, consider what your business needs are. How many employees do you have and how much do you intend to grow? Combination office and warehouse buildings are very popular, and for good reason. The versatile buildings offer shipping and distribution capabilities with the convenience of being close to your administrative offices.

Some businesses also have special electrical or building requirements. Our extensive construction and development experience will help us navigate the particulars of specialized equipment. Truck and tractor trailer storage can be open, fenced, or you might only need a parking lot. Some businesses need loading docks, and others might require vehicles to fully enter the building. An accurate size estimate will help us locate available commercial warehouse buildings to lease.

When meeting with us, a general idea of your current needs and future plans will narrow your search. Some growth can’t be planned for, so leasing for future expansion will protect you from being caught off guard and looking for a new building lease. Considering these needs before your consultation and will let us do a better job finding you the perfect property to lease.

Once you’ve found that perfect available commercial, industrial, or retail property to lease, we can quickly proceed to getting you in a new location.

The Process

Like any of these listed properties? Or ready to meet and locate your next commercial, industrial, or retail lease? Contact us for an appointment by filling out the contact form below, calling us at 1-(877) 589-4777, or emailing us here. We’re also happy to assist you from our headquarters at 908 South 8th Street, in Louisville, Kentucky.

There is no application fee and lease rates are based on location, the type of building selected, and the square footage of the property. 

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