Braxlyn Group / Vanguard Gym
By Paul Lichtefeld Jul 22, 2020

Braxlyn Group / Vanguard Gym

Lichtefeld receives kind words from Braxlyn.

Dear Paul,

I just wanted to send you a little note and tell you what a great job your crew is doing on this gym!

The subs have been great, and as usually, Brian always goes above and beyond to make sure we are getting what we want and need

We had Doug last time as our superintendent (who was great) this time we have Steve and Bobby, who both have been great to work with to get this gym complete.

I know Bobby is new to this role, but I wanted to let you know that we have had a great experience with him. He always takes the time to answer our questions and problem solves pretty quickly when needed

Lichtefeld is the most professional company, with not only knowing their craft inside and out, but so easy to communicate with and problem solve our needs!

Oh, I Didn’t mean to mean to leave out Michael he has been great as well!

He was super helpful in figuring out the power needed for goals and the divider to help us make a good decision !


Thanks for all you do!

Have a great day!!

Ann Revell

The Vanguard Academy

(502) 326-8996

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Braxlyn Group / Vanguard Gym

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