Kyana Packaging / ASR Services Re-Roof

Re-Roofs/MR-24 Metal Square Feet 110,000 s.f. metal over metal re-roof Project Location 2501 Ampere Drive Louisville, KY 40299 Construction Dates June 2015 thru September 2015 End User Packaging, supply, and services company

This is a state of the art 110,000 s.f. metal over metal re-roof project of an existing screw down roof system.  The current CECO building/screw down roof system is now being covered with a Butler Manufacturing state of the art MR-24 standing machine seamed roof system with 25 year warranty.  The new roof adds insulation to the entire 110,000 s.f. building in an effort to improve utility costs, weather tightness, and overall longevity of the building.  Insulated sky lights will allow for natural lighting to improve on utility costs as well.

This project is designed and built by Lichtefeld, Inc. coupled with Butler Manufacturing.